SR 305 - Winslow Ferry to Hostmark Street Safety Improvements

*Information on this website has been updated effective February 2020 to reflect the current status of the improvements being proposed in the corridor.

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WSDOT hosted a series of Open Houses in April 2019 to share design layouts for intersections in the corridor. The Open House information was also provided on this website together with an opportunity to comment on the design. Since the April Open Houses, WSDOT has been busy evaluating public comments, working with project stakeholders, and advancing and refining the design. This webpage update provides the most current intersection improvements along with the updated delivery schedule.

Learn more about how pedestrians and bicycles will navigate through the proposed SR 305 roundabouts by following the link below.

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Project overview

The SR 305 corridor

State Route (SR) 305 is a 13.5 mile highway that connects Bainbridge Island ferry terminal to State Route 3 in Poulsbo. This state highway serves as a vital corridor for residents, businesses and visitors alike. 

The corridor experiences congestion that affects traveler safety and the ability to travel easily throughout communities served by the highway.  

In July 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed the Connecting Washington Transportation revenue package, which included $36.8 million for SR 305 safety and mobility improvements between the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal and Hostmark Street Northeast in Poulsbo. 

WSDOT is developing final plans to build roundabouts and access improvements at locations in the corridor. Please see the map below for the improvement locations. Please note, these improvements will be implemented based on their performance score, readiness and funding availability. Currently the project budget does not allow all of these projects to be implemented. Other funding will be necessary for those improvements to be implemented.

Thank you for your feedback and your interest as WSDOT works to improve the highway for everyone who travels this corridor. If there is a specific intersection that you want to learn about, you can select the intersection name under the Intersection Improvements tab.



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