Community outreach results

In spring 2019, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) hosted three in-person open houses and an online open house to share proposed State Route (SR) 305 intersection improvements with community members. WSDOT met with 351 open house attendees and reviewed 85 written comments.

WSDOT provided opportunities for community members to provide feedback in 2017 and again in April, 2019 through this webpage’s online open house comment form. The webpage was visited by almost 12,000 visitors and collected a total of 196 comments that both Kitsap Transit and WSDOT used to develop and advance corridor safety improvements. WSDOT reviewed public comment and is working with stakeholders, including non-motorized users and incorporated their feedback into the design where possible. WSDOT is taking all public concerns and questions into consideration as design advances. To view a consolidated response to frequent questions, please view the project FAQs.

SR 305 corridor improvements were based on community feedback that Kitsap Transit used to develop the SR 305 Needs and Opportunity Study. The study helped establish a vision and goals for this corridor and prioritized strategies to help move people, increase safety and improve traffic flow along the corridor. WSDOT used the results and recommendations from this study to evaluate and prioritize projects to build that improve mobility and safety.

WSDOT collected comments ranging from design, accessibility, construction to safety. Key themes include improving safety for bicycles and pedestrians at roundabouts; improving access for motorists, bicycles, pedestrians and emergency vehicles;