Improvement locations

Please note, these improvements will be implemented based on their performance score, readiness and funding availability. The current project budget does not allow for all improvements to be implemented. WSDOT will implement the following priority improvements:

  • Johnson Road Roundabout – led by City of Poulsbo
  • NE Day Road Roundabout
  • West Port Madison Road/NE Seabold Road Roundabout
  • Adas Will Roundabout with Agatewood
  • Suquamish Way Roundabout or NE Totten Road Roundabout

Other funding will be necessary for the following improvements to be implemented.

  • Masi Shop access improvements
  • Sandy Hook Roundabout
  • Sportsman Club intersection improvements
  • Noll Road access modifications
  • Sol Vei, Delate and Tollefson access modifications
  • Seminole access modifications
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