Intersection improvements

WSDOT is developing final plans to construct safety and mobility improvements on SR 305 from the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal to Hostmark Street in Poulsbo, based on the comments you provided during the Needs and Opportunity Study. Crews will build roundabouts and access improvements at locations in the corridor. The intention is to reduce the potential for collisions, ease congestion, and improve travel flow for drivers, bicyclists, transit operators, and pedestrians. WSDOT also intends to improve construction efficiencies by coordinating several roundabout projects with fish barrier removal projects. These proposed barrier removals are funded via WSDOT’s fish barrier removal program.

If you would like to learn how to use a roundabout, please read our Rules of the Roundabout page.

Learn more about how pedestrians and bicycles will navigate through the proposed SR 305 roundabouts by following this link.

Take a virtual tour of the several roundabout locations WSDOT is proposing by following this link. (Open in Chrome for best results)

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