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Help us shape the future of the SR 305 corridor

State Route 305 is a 13.5 mile highway that connects Bainbridge Island ferry terminal to State Route 3 near Poulsbo, and serves as a vital corridor for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

The corridor experiences varied traffic volumes, often leading to congestion that affects mobility and accessibility throughout the surrounding communities. Your feedback will help Kitsap Transit and their partners to determine future improvements within the SR 305 corridor.


Map of project area

State Route 305 map

What does this study include?

In July 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed the Connecting Washington Transportation revenue package, which included $36.8 million for SR 305 congestion and safety improvements between the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal and Hostmark Street Northeast, in Poulsbo.

This study will identify a vision for the corridor and create a comprehensive set of intermediate and long-term improvements to address congestion and enhance all modes of transportation. This study will evaluate strategies and solutions for the SR 305 corridor developed in response to previous studies, public feedback, and work already completed by local jurisdictions.

Previous studies of the project area

1997 – SR 305 Corridor Analysis Major Investment Study

2008 – SR 305 Corridor Vision

2011 – SR 305 Corridor Enhanced Transit Alternatives Analysis Technical Study

2013 – Washington State Ferries Origin-Destination Travel Survey Report

2013/4 – Suquamish Development Traffic Study

2014 – SR 305 Suquamish Way Intersection Improvements Project Phase 1 Report

2015 – Johnson Road – SR 305 Intersection Feasibility Study


  • Kitsap Transit Long Range Plan
  • Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan
  • City of Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan
  • City of Bainbridge Island Wide Transportation Plan Update

2017 -Kitsap Transit Comprehensive Route Analysis: Existing Conditions


What we heard


what we've heard so far

Agate Pass Bridge

This study did not include options for replacing the Agate Pass Bridge. However, this study does include evaluation strategies that will help inform future decisions about the Agate Pass Bridge.

WSDOT is conducting a Type, Size and Location (TSL) study to evaluate alternatives for replacing the Agate Pass Bridge.

From feedback collected and issues raised at the first open house, traffic was the most discussed issue.
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