What we learned

In fall 2016, SR 305 partners hosted three open houses along the corridor to hear feedback and improvement suggestions for pedestrians, vehicles, mass transit, and bicycles. During the open houses, the project team referenced technical studies to guide discussion. The project team also used an online survey to solicit public feedback and help identify key transportation issues within the SR 305 corridor. Project staff hosted over 46 attendees at each open house and 1,222 people responded to the survey. Community members provided 1,413 comments to help the project team understand their community and their needs.

Open house dates and locations:

  • October 30, at Poulsbo City Hall;
  • November 1, at Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort;
  • November 3, at the Bainbridge High School commons; and
  • November 16, online survey


Attendees at the Poulsbo open house suggested ways to improve conditions for bicyclists, including:

  • Create a separate bike lane along SR 305 or an underpass for bicycles at intersections
  • Provide more separation between cars and non-motorized commuters
  • Add lighting on the Agate Pass Bridge

Poulsbo attendees also requested adding a stop light or left turn lane to allow a left turn onto SR 305 from rural roads and to help prevent collisions.

Suquamish Clearwater Casino and Resort

Attendees of the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort suggested a shared lane for bicyclists and pedestrians from the casino to Lemolo Shore Drive to improve safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.

To aid congestion in the project area, attendees suggested adding an HOV or bus-only lane on SR 305. Some attendees suggested building an overpass to improve mobility and avoid congestion around the casino.

Bainbridge Island

Participants noted congestion and safety concerns at the Bainbridge Island open house. Suggested improvements included left hand turns on the egress and ingress of SR 305 and a traffic light at Seabold.

Attendees suggested widening the pedestrian lanes on the Agate Pass Bridge and adding a bicycle lane to improve overall mobility and address the existing bottleneck.

Many attendees favor roundabouts, rather than traffic signals.

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